Kamis, 20 November 2014

Aim High!

Men are asleep: then after they die, they awake
- Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him


Well, it has been a hectic month here, and i am being apparently very busy now. Yes, i am still an IRK student with no side-job, nothing changes from me save the responsibilities which i held on my shoulders now.

Being a second year student and aiming for finishing the study as soon as possible, i found my motivation decreases drastically sometimes. I don't even know what the reason behind. I wake up every morning, completely aware that i have three classes every day, but i'm just like... maybe i should get more sleep (even when i have slept for 7-8 hours the night before). Can someone tell me why does this happen to me? Hmm, at this point, i think that this is due to age problem. Once, a wise man said, "study while you are young". I couldn't disagree on him.

For your information, last month, i was running for President of Indonesian student association's election. During that time, i found my mind was confusing me myself. Why should i be a president? Is it worth it? Am i running for something that men should avoid it (which is amanah)? In the very last minutes, my friends gave motivations, that what i was doing was for the sake of my community, not for myself, and they would sincerely help me to reach my aim of building a better Indonesian student association. Well, i was elected then, and now i'm officially the president of Indonesian student association (i still can't believe it, lol). I have been the president for less than a month. Through this couple of weeks, i found that the responsibilities are far beyond my expectations. I want to build this association as a home for all Indonesian students regardless of their genders, affiliations, and interests. I have to secure their rights and welfare as students as long as they were studying in IIUM. Yep, the pressures are everywhere. There was one day when i have to prepare myself for a midterm and a presentation that would be held the next day, an issue of some of my friends came to my reach, and i have to sit and listen to the problem, then tried to give my best solution for it. After that, i have no choice but to sincerely give up my sleeping time to study and making slide for the presentation. Well, i understand now that being a leader is not an easy task. But that doesn't make me depressed or sad at all. Because i have my friends supporting and helping me without asking any rewards. I remember one of my teachers once said, "when we do something sincerely for the sake of the community, there will always be other persons helping you sincerely". Yes, the main point is sincerity. To all my friends, thank you.

And also i found my intention of doing ibadah was decreased heavily. I need charger for my iman more than i need charger for my phone and pc huhu. May Allah grant me His blessings, and strengthen my faith.

اللهم حبب إلينا الإيمان و زينه في قلوبنا و كره إلينا الكفر و الفسوق و العصيان و اجعلنا من الراشدين
اللهم ثبت قلوبنا على دينك و طاعتك

In conclusion, i want to improve myself in everything good (even in my english which is soooo bad, i hope ms. pendidikan can be the lexicon for this). I even deleted all the so-nothing-beneficial-posts from my blog, thanks to my friend who remind me of this. Aim high, get improved!

Okay, that's all. Thank you, and have a nice dream :)

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